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Okuma Ceymar C30 Review

okuma ceymar c30 review


The Okuma Ceymar spinning series offers a ton of performance for the money. With a graphite body, aggressive styling, smooth cranking, and high-build quality, it’s one of the best value reels on the market. This angler’s guide will review the Ceymar C30 model; however, this series includes C10 to C65 reel sizes.

This spinning reel is ideal for bass anglers; however, it has a lot of versatility. It handles large fish species such as catfish and carp and even holds its own in saltwater situations.

A common misconception about the Ceymar C30 is people think the reel can’t be used for saltwater fishing due to the ported spool. In actuality, the holes in the spool allow more airflow to the main components, which keeps them dry. The Ceymar C30 is an excellent reel for inshore saltwater anglers.


SpecificationsOkuma Ceymar C-30
Imageokuma ceymar c30 inline
PriceCheck Amazon
Gear Ratio5.0:1
Housing MaterialGraphite
Spool & Bail MaterialAluminum
Ball Bearings7BB+1RB
Retrieve Rate25.8″
Weight8.18 oz
Maximum Drag15.5 lbs
Tackle Critic Rating9.5/10

Performance & Quality

For under $50, you can’t beat the professional-level quality and performance of the Ceymar C30. Complete with many high-end components, the Okuma Ceymar series gives other brands a run for their money.

This reel has seven ball bearings, a multi-disc oil felt drag system, and Okuma’s Precision Elliptical Gearing system. Combined, these features give the Ceymar C30 exceptional handling and a silky smooth retrieve.

Looks: 10/10

Many fishing reel reviews don’t discuss one of the most crucial buying qualities. A bass reel can have the most advanced technology and high-end performance, but sometimes this leads to design sacrifices.

In my opinion, the Okuma Ceymar is the most aesthetically pleasing fishing reel for the money. The black and red color scheme looks super aggressive, and the glossy finish makes it stand out. The ported reel spool has a unique look that fits the overall design.

Overall, every component on the Okuma Ceymar C30 is well-balanced. The handle has ideal dimensions, the reel seats are comfortable, and the drag feels solid. I also love the bail design because it’s snappy and satisfying to flip.

Durability: 9/10

I can’t believe Okuma was able to build a reel this durable for under $50. The Ceymar spinning reel can take a beating and last for years of intensive use. A rigid forged zinc handle, anodized aluminum spool, and overall build quality keep this reel from damaging.

Nearly all other brands sacrifice build quality and use cheaper components in low-end models. Okuma does things differently because they care about their angler customers and ensure their budget-friendly products are usable.

Smoothness: 9.5/10

Okuma’s reel incorporates a Precision Elliptical Gearing System that reduces friction during casting and retrieving. This not only makes the cranking action silky smooth but increases casting distance and accuracy. Additional benefits of this technology include a longer lifespan and smoother, more uniform drag pressures.

This reel also uses Okuma’s Rotor Equalizing technology, which keeps the spool from tilting and limiting efficiency. The spool on the Ceymar 30 stays perfectly aligned and adds to the smooth reeling sensation.

Ceymar C30 Comparison

There are many other reel options with a similar price tag. Almost every reel manufacturer offers entry-level prices, but many low-end reels are cheaply made. Common alternatives, including the Shimano Sienna and Abu Garcia Pro Max, aren’t as durable and dependable as the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel.

Okuma Ceymar vs Pflueger President

ceymar 30 vs pflueger president review

The closest competitor to the Okuma Ceymar is the Pflueger President spinning reel. Okuma’s Ceymar is slightly more affordable and has better design characteristics. However, the Pflueger President is an excellent reel for the money and features professional-level build quality, durability, and smooth retrieves.

I still prefer the Okuma Ceymar over the Pflueger President. The overall dimensions and balanced qualities of the Ceymar C30 are hard to beat, and it allows you to save more money towards a premium rod combo.

Ceymar C20 vs C30 vs C40

The Okuma Ceymar C30 reel size isn’t just made for bass fishing. This versatile reel can dominate trout, catfish, small stripers, and most inshore saltwater species. However, the Ceymar spinning reel comes in seven other reel sizes, which could be better suited to your needs.

Weight6.7 oz8.18 oz10oz
Line Retrieve24″25.8″30″
Max Drag6.6 lbs15.5 lbs17.6 lbs
Best SpeciesTrout, BassBassCatfish, Stripers
Best WatersFreshFreshFresh/Salt

If you’re looking at the Ceymar C30, you’re most likely considering the C20 and C40 sizes as well. The C30 reel size is the most versatile and ideal for freshwater bass anglers.

A slightly larger size such as the C40 is stronger, has more line capacity, and retrieves line much faster. This makes the C40 size the best for targeting catfish, stripers, and inshore saltwater fish.

If you’re looking for a smaller finesse reel for lighter tackle, the C20 has some benefits over the Ceymar C30. The C20 reel is ideal for trout fishing, panfish, some ice fishing situations, and smaller pond bass.

Best Rod for Okuma Ceymar

okuma ceymar carbon inshore spinning rod

When building your setup, keep in mind Okuma makes a rod exclusively designed for this spinning reel. The Okuma Ceymar Carbon Inshore Rod is tailor-made to bring out the best qualities of the Ceymar C30.

This combo creates impressive casting distance, sensitivity, and durability. Overall, the Ceymar rod offers the best balance and performance for this reel.

If you’re looking for a high-end tournament rod, the 13 Fishing Omen Black is another excellent rod to pair with this reel. While it’s twice as expensive as Okuma’s Ceymar Rod, it has near-perfect qualities to balance out the C30 size reel. I even found this combo casts slightly farther than the Ceymar rod combo.

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