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Quantum Optix 60 Review

quantum optix 60 review

Quantum Optix 60 Spinning Reel

8.5 out of 10

The newly released model of the Quantum Optix 60 is one of the best heavy-duty fishing reels for anglers on a budget. It has many features found on high-end reels, including a lightweight composite body, aluminum spool, and a 4-bearing drive system. The oversized handle gives the angler more control, and a TRU Balance rotor ensures smooth reeling action.

10 out of 10
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Great Value

Smooth Reeling


5-year warranty


No reverse switch

Tight Bail


The Quantum Optix 60 Spinning Reel is one of the best value fishing reels on the market, especially if you’re after larger fish species such as catfish and striped bass. It’s 30% cheaper than the previous model and includes more features. With a composite metal housing, aluminum components, and a smooth retrieve, it can’t be beaten for the money.

This reel is very comfortable and gives you a ton of control. A plus-sized handle gives you more dexterity, and leverage when fighting larger fish. While the Quantum Optix series is designed for freshwater fishing, I’ve found it performs surprisingly well in saltwater conditions. Its components are corrosion resistant and can withstand use in the ocean.


This spinning reel comes equipped with many features found on more expensive products. It might not have the same build quality as high-end reels, but it certainly has enough capabilities for anglers that fish occasionally.

SpecificationsQuantum Optix 60
PriceCheck Amazon
Housing MaterialAluminum & Composite
Gear Ratio4.9:1
Retrieve Rate33″ per rotation
Warranty5 years
Line Capacity390 yds / 30 lb braid
Reel Size6000

Drag System: The Quantum Optix 60 features a front-adjustable drag system that changes the force required to pull out line. While the drag system isn’t as consistent as professional reels, the reel has decent power.

Smoothness: Quantum’s Optix 60 features a proprietary TRU Balance Rotor that eliminates movement and shifting of the spool. The result is a long-lasting spool system that ensures smooth reeling for many years. This reel only has four ball bearings, which doesn’t offer as much performance as seven or eight-bearing systems. However, this is expected for the price.

The Optix 60 also offers interchangeable left and right-hand retrieve settings.

Durability: I was surprised by how durable the Optix 60 is compared to other reels in the same price category. While it’s not as durable as the alternatives we review below, any spinning reel with better build quality will cost you twice as much as the Optix.

Warranty: Every Quantum reel comes with a “rock-solid 5-year warranty” from the date of purchase. Quantum cares about the quality of its products and ensures you get the most use out of your investment. It’s always a good sign when manufacturers back up their build quality with an extended warranty.


So, what are some drawbacks of the Quantum Optix 60? The brand made an error by stating this reel features a reverse switch. The Optix 60 has no reverse switch, which is a significant deterrent for more serious anglers. However, all other sizes other than the 60 and 80 models feature an AR switch.

Second, it takes time for the bail to loosen up. When it’s first used, the bail is often stiff and difficult to flip back and forth. However, I found it only takes a few trips for the bail to adjust and any issues become unnoticeable. This is a minor complaint given the price and amount of money it will save you.

The Quantum Optix 60 also isn’t sold with an extra spool. However, this is expected for the price, and you can purchase replacements if needed.

Optix 60 vs The Competition

If you’re shopping for a spinning reel, you’ve likely come across other models and are wondering which one is the best value for the money. The closest competitors to the Optix series are the KastKing Sharky III, Penn Pursuit IV, and the Daiwa BG 6000.

Optix 60 vs. KastKing Sharky III: The KastKing Sharky III is one of the most popular budget spinning reels on the market. While it’s only sold in up to a 5000 reel size, the components are larger, and it has a similar profile to the Optix 60. The Sharky III is more expensive than the Quantum Optix 60; however, the Sharky III is certified for saltwater use and features a whopping total of 11 bearings. If you fish more frequently, you’ll get more value from the Sharky III spinning reel.

Optix 60 vs. Penn Pursuit IV: Another popular heavy-duty budget spinning reel is the Penn Pursuit IV. This reel is an upgraded model from the Pursuit III and features more professional-level components. However, the Optix 60 costs half the price of the Penn Pursuit reel. I found the Optix 60 offers a better value for the money; however, many anglers would contest this opinion.

Optix 60 vs. Daiwa BG: If you’re looking for the best value heavy-duty spinning reel and are willing to pay a higher price, the Daiwa BG Spinning Reel is an exceptional product. This model has a 6000 reel size option, the same as the Quantum Optix 60. The Daiwa BG costs around $100 but has the same performance as $200 to $300 spinning reels.


The Quantum Optix 60 is an excellent heavy-duty spinning reel for beginners and anglers who fish occasionally. With smooth reeling, durability, and the versatility the reel offers, it’s hard to find a better alternative for the money. While I reviewed several more expensive options, the Optix 60 certainly won’t disappoint.

I prefer this reel for catfish fishing and targeting both freshwater and saltwater striped bass. However, this reel performs well in surf casting situations and has inshore and offshore ocean fishing capabilities.

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