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Scorpion DC vs Curado DC – Which One Is Better?

Curado DC vs Scorpion DC

Two of the most advanced baitcasters on the market are the Shimano Curado DC and Scorpion DC. With computer-controlled brakes, Shimano’s new series of DC baitcasters have rocked the fishing industry.

These high-performance reels feature a “Digital Control” braking system, which measures the spool’s rotational speed 1000-times a second and automatically applies brake pressure.

The result is an innovative reel series that improves casting distance and significantly reduces backlashes. However, the Scorpion DC and Curado DC have more similarities than differences, making it challenging to decide between the two models.

In this article, we’ll compare the qualities of each reel and discuss the differences you should consider when deciding between the Scorpion and Curado baitcasters.

Scorpion DC vs. Curado DC – what are the differences?

SpecificationsScorpion DCCurado DC
Imagescorpion DC imagecurado DC image
PriceCheck AmazonCheck Amazon
Ball Bearings7+16+1
IPT (Inches-per-turn)26″ to 30″26″ to 36″
Maximum Drag12 lb11 lb
Gear Ratio6.3 or 7.26.2, 7.4, or 8.5
Weight7.5 oz7.8 oz

The table above compares the specifications of the Scorpion DC and Curado DC. It’s clear from the details that these are two very similar reels, which can make it difficult to decide between the two products.

However, the two reels have some unique qualities in their design that we’ll cover next.

The most important differences

Ball Bearings: One of the main differences between the two Shimano reels is their ball bearing count. The Scorpion DC has a total of eight bearings (7+1), while the Curado DC only has seven (6+1).

This design gives the Scorpion DC smoother retrieves than the Curado DC; however, the difference is insignificant. Both reels have exceptionally smooth cranking actions, and they’re much smoother than most other reels on the market.

Take Away: The Scorpion DC has more ball-bearings, giving it smoother retrieves. However, both reels are smooth and enjoyable to use.

Brake Settings: The braking technology is the biggest difference between the two reels. Shimano’s Scorpion DC reel has four brake settings, which helps reduce backlashes by customizing the brakes to your type of fishing line. The settings include a mode for monofilament line, fluorocarbon line, braided line, and automatic.

While this is a significant upgrade, the Curado DC’s technology is already designed to reduce backlashes. You won’t get backlashes with either model in average to moderate wind conditions.

Take Away: The Scorpion DC has better braking settings that can be customized to your line types. This can improve casting performance in high-wind conditions.

Drag Strength: A minor difference between the two reels is the drag strength. The Scorpion DC has a maximum drag of twelve pounds, while the Curado DC has eleven pounds of drag. While there’s only a 9% difference in strength, you can feel the extra performance when fighting bigger fish.

Take Away: The Curado DC has 9% less drag strength, which is felt when fighting bigger fish.

Gear Ratios: The Shimano Curado DC has more gear ratio options, with models that have quicker retrieval speeds. Gear ratios for the Scorpion DC max out at 7.2:1 with 30 inches-per-turn, while there’s a faster 8.5:1 gear ratio Curado DC model with 36 inches-per-turn.

Inches-per-turn refers to the amount of line retrieved by the spool for every rotation of the handle. This faster speed makes the Curado DC a better reel when fishing jerkbaits, and other fast-moving, low-resistance lures.

Take Away: Higher gear ratios are available for the Shimano Curado DC, which gives you faster retrieval speeds.

Size & Profile: Shimano’s Curado DC has a slightly larger profile than the Scorpion DC. While the reel doesn’t have a bulky or uncomfortable feeling, it does alter the looks and aesthetics. Generally, anglers will agree that the Scorpion reel has a sleeker design with a better-looking body and paintwork.

Take Away: The Scorpion DC has a low-profile design that many anglers find more visually appealing.

Price: The difference in price between the two reels is insignificant. While prices will change depending on the retailer, both reels typically have a price tag within $20 of one another. This similarity in price is one of the reasons why many anglers find it difficult to compare the Scorpion and Curado reels.

Take Away: The Curado DC and Scorpion DC have similar prices that shouldn’t contribute to your purchase decision.

Shimano Scorpion DC baitcasting reel review

4.6 Stars | 243 Angler Reviews

Shimano Scorpion DC Baitcasting Reel

The Shimano Scorpion DC is a phenomenal baitcasting reel that has minor improvements compared to the Curado DC. With extremely smooth retrieves, long casting distances, and high-tech braking settings, it’s a favorite among many anglers.

While there are technical advantages to the Scorpion DC, many anglers choose this reel for its looks. The body had an elegant design and impressive styling that makes it look more expensive than the Curado DC. We also love the matte black paint job because it’s easier to find a matching rod.

If you’re searching for a rod to pair with this reel, we recommend the Shimano Zodias. This combo will bring out the best qualities of the Scorpion reel, giving you longer casts, more accuracy, and the best weight balance.


  • I-DC5 computer-controlled brake system
  • Durable Hagane aluminum alloy frame
  • Efficient X-SHIP gear system
  • Titanium-coated level winder

Shimano Curado DC baitcasting reel review

4.8 Stars | 987 Angler Reviews

Shimano Curado DC Baitcasting Reel

The Shimano Curado DC is a legendary baitcaster that has gained more popularity than the Scorpion DC. This reel is a dependable, innovative reel that’s simply a joy to use. Many anglers like that this reel is shipped from the United States, meaning more retailers and replacement parts are available.

Shimano perfected the casting distance, accuracy, and smoothness of this reel. While we’ve covered the slight improvements of the Scorpion DC, this is still a better baitcaster than almost everything else on the market.

There are multiple sizes and gear ratio options for the Curado DC, with models that give you faster retrieval speeds than the Scorpion.

While we prefer the black paintwork on the Scorpion DC, the Curado DC is an awesome-looking reel that anyone can appreciate.


  • Micro module gear system
  • Cross carbon drag
  • I-DC4 computer-controlled brake system
  • Hagane CI4+ body


Two of the best baitcasters money can buy are the Shimano Scorpion DC and Curado DC. You can’t go wrong with either reel, as they have the market’s most advanced digital control systems.

You should consider aesthetics, gear ratios, and baking settings when deciding between the two. The Scorpion DC has slight braking technology improvements and has a sleek paint job with a low-profile design.

However, the Curado DC has faster retrieval speeds, features much of the same backlash-reducing technology, and ships from the USA.

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