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Zebco Delta vs Omega – Which One Is Better?

Zebco Delta vs Omega spincast reels

If you’re looking for a new spincast reel, Zebco is hands-down the best spincast reel manufacturer. However, deciding between the Zebco Delta vs Omega reels can be difficult.

This is because the Delta and Omega models have many similar characteristics. They have a similar shape and many of the exact same specifications.

Since hundreds of people have asked about these reels, it’s clear Zebco doesn’t do a great job outlining the differences between their spincast reels.

We created a guide to these two reel models, with a comparison of qualities and performance. Our review discusses smoothness, casting distance, design, and other criteria.

Zebco Delta vs Omega – spincast reels compared

SpecificationsZebco DeltaZebco Omega
PriceCheck AmazonCheck Amazon
Ball Bearings4+16+1
Gear Ratio3.4:1 or 2.9:13.4:1 or 2.9:1
IPT (Inches-per-turn)16”16”
Weight9.5 to 13 oz9.5 to 13 oz
Mono Capacity (lb/yds)6/85 or 10/856/85 or 10/85

As you can see, the table above compares the specifications for the Zebco Delta and Omega spincast reels.

At first glance, these reels appear nearly identical. The gear ratios, IPT, weight, and line capacity are all the same.

However, the Omega has unique internal components, such as an increased number of ball bearings.

While many reviewers will only give you basic information, many people don’t find that helpful. We’ll dive into the actual performance of these two reels and discuss the qualities that actually matter to anglers.

The four most important differences

Smoothness: One of the first things you notice about any fishing reel is the smoothness of the retrieves. The ball-bearing design greatly impacts the handle’s feeling and how much effort a reel takes to use.

The Zebco Omega has seven ball bearings, while the Zebco Delta only has four.

When compared side-by-side, the Zebco Omega is clearly a much smoother reel than the Delta. You get little to no resistance from the handle, even when retrieving heavy topwater baits.

However, if you’re targeting giant catfish and other powerful freshwater fish, the upgraded Zebco Omega Pro is what you need. See our comparison of the Omega and Omega Pro below. 

Take Away: The Zebco Omega is a smoother reel than the Delta. However, both reels have smooth cranking compared to entry-level spincast reels.

Casting Distance: After putting these reels to the test, it seems the Omega casts a bit farther than the Zebco Delta. However, the difference is minimal, and casting distance shouldn’t be the main reason you choose either model.

While this review discusses the original Omega reel, it’s difficult to talk about Zebco’s lineup without mentioning the Omega Pro.

The Omega Pro has significantly more casting distance than either model and only truly competes with the high-end Zebco Bullet reel.

Zebco’s Delta and Omega reels have plenty of casting performance for sending your bait into deep waters. They have the same casting accuracy and allow you to make pinpoint casts under docks and other obstacles.

Take Away: The Zebco Omega has a better casting distance than the Zebco Delta, but the difference is small. Both reels have great casting accuracy.

Design: The Zebco Delta and Omega reels have different designs and colors. Pictures don’t do a great job showing what these reels look like in person, which is why we’ll describe the appearance.

The housing on the Omega reel has a lighter metallic color, making it look like it just came off the assembly line.

On the other hand, the Delta has a low-profile design and darker paintwork. This design makes it easier to find a matching rod and actually makes it look more expensive than the Omega reel.

However, many of the components have the same design on both reels. Zebco used the same button, front cap, handle, and drag dial on both models.

Take Away: The Zebco Delta has a better design, which makes it look more expensive than the Zebco Omega reel.

Price & Build Quality: Between the two, the Zebco Omega is the more expensive reel. However, the Omega only costs about $10 more than the Delta model.

The upgraded features and ball-bearing system justifies the Omega’s higher price tag.

If you’re looking for a professional-level Zebco reel, check out the Omega Pro and Zebco Bullet models. These reels have better casting capabilities, more power, and improved build quality.

Zebco Delta spincast reel review

4.7 Stars | 140 Angler Reviews

Zebco Delta silver spincast fishing reel

The Zebco Delta spincast reel has a 5-bearing drive and lightweight aluminum frame. Compared to entry-level models such as the 404 and Slingshot reels, the Delta has significantly improved performance.

This model is also more reliable than the others that we’ve tested. It’s built like a tank with a multi-disc drag and all-metal gears.

Don’t be surprised if this reel survives for over a decade without ever needing maintenance.


  • Comfortable button design
  • Durable aluminum components
  • Reliable and adjustable drag system
  • Stylish design

Zebco Omega spincast reel review

4.7 Stars | 1,114 Angler Reviews

Zebco Omega spincast fishing reel

Zebco’s Omega spincast reel has insanely smooth retrieves and even more durability than the Delta reel. While the metallic finish isn’t for everyone, the performance makes up for the lack of paint.

The Omega reel has seven bearings, which reduces friction between internal components. You can feel a consistent handle rotation, even when fighting the largest catfish.

There are also two size options for the Omega and Delta reels. While beginner anglers will have an easier time managing the ZO2-size reel, the ZO3 model has more power and line capacity.

Omega vs. Omega Pro

The Zebco Omega Pro is the pinnacle of spincast reel performance. It’s 20% lighter than the original Zebco Omega reel, with even more strength and casting distance.

Zebco’s Omega Pro reel also has a foam handle, and the shape seems to give you more leverage when reeling in big fish.

Zebco doesn’t endorse us to say this, but we genuinely believe the Omega Pro is a worthwhile upgrade from the standard Omega model.

Omega Features:

  • Comfortable button design
  • Durable aluminum components
  • More ball bearings
  • Smooth retrieves


If you think the smoothness of a reel is an important factor, then it’s probably worth spending $10 more and upgrading to the Omega reel.

However, the Zebco Delta is an exceptional spincast reel with more than enough performance for most anglers. The Delta has a stylish design, and all the components are made from durable aluminum and other metals.

Our favorite spincast reel is the Zebco Omega Pro, which has reduced weight and the most advanced performance.

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